The roundabout under construction, located at Mad River Road and Alex Bell Road, is set to open the second or third week of August, 2022.

The $967,000 modern roundabout will boost traffic efficiency and safety. The circular design of roundabouts forces drivers to slow down. On average, roundabouts reduce total crashes by 35%, injuries by 76% and fatalities by 90%.

“Research shows roundabouts are safer than other types of intersections,” said Paul Gruner, Montgomery County Engineer. “We know some drivers may find roundabouts intimidating. To help provide reassurance, we are working to inform our residents on the benefits of roundabouts and educate them as to how to drive them.”

The Montgomery County Engineer’s Office posted educational information regarding roundabouts, including downloadable brochures and presentations, on its website at Drivers can also view a video on “How to Drive Single Lane Roundabouts” at

When driving in a roundabout you should always:

  • Slow down
  • Yield when entering (Drivers in the circle have the right of way)
  • Look to your left and enter the circle by turning right
  • Once you’ve entered, do not stop
  • Turn right to exit the roundabout onto your desired road
  • If you see or hear an emergency vehicle, exit the roundabout and then pull over

The new roundabout will also benefit the environment. The constantly moving stream of traffic means less idling, leading to a decrease in vehicle emissions and fuel consumption.