Project Summary

ANNOUNCEMENT: Brumbaugh Construction is the award bidder for the subject job.

The Montgomery County Engineer is proposing to replace the superstructure on the Germantown-Middletown Bridge GER-526-2.11 in German Township. The project site is located approximately a mile south of East Market Street (SR 725), and just north of the Arch Street intersection. The bridge carries Germantown-Middletown Pike over Shawnee Creek and serves over 2,800 vehicles per day. The project includes removal of old prestressed concrete beams and installation of new prestressed concrete composite box beams. New Twin Steel Tube pedestrian railing will be installed and new approach slabs. Moderate roadway and channel improvements along with new rock channel protection shall be included.

The Germantown-Middletown Pike Bridge Reconstruction Project will include a detour plan and the road will be closed to “thru traffic”. This project is scheduled for construction in February/March 2023 and will last approximately until June/July of 2023.

Should you have questions regarding the project, please contact Cedric McGhee of the Montgomery County Engineer’s Office at (937) 225-4817 or