Montgomery County Access Permit Information

Montgomery County Engineer’s Office
451 West Third Street, PO Box 972,
Dayton, Ohio 45422-1260


Jerry Sanor


To promote traffic safety, efficiency, capacity, and the minimizing of future expenditure of public revenues on county and township roadways. This permit is limited to defining the access location to properties. It does not provide the applicant permission to work within in the adjacent public right-of-way. Work required in the right-of-way may require a permit from either the County or Township responsible and is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain it.

When Do I need a permit to Access County and Township Roadways?

A permit is required for all access connections to the county or township-maintained roads. This permit does not apply to state road or municipal roads located in a city. The Montgomery County Access Management Regulations provide specific information as to what supporting documentation is required with the permit.

Access Permit Application

For your convenience, the Access Permit Application is available for download.
Print it out, complete the form, and mail, fax or email it to

Access Permit Application
Attn: Jerry Sanor
Montgomery County Engineer’s Office
451 West Third Street, PO Box 972
Dayton, Ohio 45422-1260
Fax: 937-496-7441

There is no charge for permits.  All applications are reviewed for compliance with the Montgomery County Access Managment Regulations.