Project Summary

The Montgomery County Engineer is proposing to construct a project called the Airway Road Bridge Replacement Project, Job# 2020-16, in the City of Riverside. The bridge project site is located approximately 200 feet east of the intersection of Airway and Harshman Roads and carries Airway Road over Lilly Creek. This project includes the removal of the existing bridge and installation of a new reinforced single span concrete slab bridge. A new bridge walk will be constructed atop the south side of bridge. New curb, drive apron, and sidewalk will be installed on the south side of the Airway Road. New safety railing will be installed to current standards. There will be moderate roadway pavement improvement including new bike lanes. New Rock channel protection and gabions walls will be added along Lily Creek to alleviate scour and erosion concerns.

The Airway Road Bridge Project will be constructed in 2-Phases while maintaining traffic flow. A minimum of two lanes of traffic, (one lane each direction), will be maintained at all times. The project is scheduled for construction in April of 2023 and will last approximately until November of 2023.

Should you have questions regarding the project, please contact Cedric McGhee of the Montgomery County Engineer’s Office at (937) 225-4817 or