Geographic Information Systems

The Montgomery County Engineer’s Office began its Geographic Information System with simplest of intentions, to provide access to the tens of thousands of drawings that were stored in the copy room.

We first created an accurate base map of the Original Land Subdivisions, which are the Public Land Survey Systems (PLSS), utilizing available data ranging from the original field notes taken from 1798 through 1802 to the First Order monumentation that was placed for the first of multiple Orthophotography Projects in 2000. With the base map in place, we then geo-referenced the documents and other resources to it, to provide immediate access to the information.

Online Map Gallery

Land Records—click here to open

This site provides access to our scanned documents such as, Survey Records, Right of Way plans, Section Corner Recovery notes, etc. This site will be a “work in progress,” as we are continuously adding information to it, so as stated before, if you think there might be a document that we aren’t showing, contact us and we’ll look into it.

Geodetic Controlclick here to open

This site allows access to Horizontal and Vertical Control monuments, with links to the NGS website for the official data sheet, and our data sheets that were created for a countywide calibration project.

Contours—click here to open

This site is “visual” only, containing the 2022 contour information, the Auditor’s Parcel layer and our PLSS layer, all superimposed over the 2022 Ortho imagery.

Historical Imageryclick here to open

This site is for visual and print only. The website provides access to Montgomery County Historical Imagery dating from 1938 to present. Imagery from 1938 to 1995 is unedited and gathered from old scanned images that are geo-referenced to known places throughout the county. The scale is not uniform.

Imagery from 2000 to present is geometrically corrected (“orthorectified”) such that the scale is uniform. This application will continually be updated as more images become available.

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