The Montgomery County Engineer’s Office (MCEO) is responsible for the care, control, and maintenance of all roads designated as “county roads” within Montgomery County. Ohio law provides that the County Engineer can establish rules and regulations, and require permits, for all work performed within a county road’s public right-of-way.

All applications are reviewed and permits are issued, provided the proposed work meets all County standards.

If you have questions as to whether a road is a “county road,” please feel free to contact us at 937-837-2528.

***There is no charge to obtain a permit from the Montgomery County Engineer’s Office***

1. Montgomery County Access Permit Application   (For Driveways and other means of access to property)

An Access Permit is required if the property owner wishes to add a driveway, or a new access point, from his/her property to and from a county road. A permit is required for both residential and commercial applications. The permit is concerned with the location of a driveway, and seeks to assure that the driveway is placed so that it enters the road at a safe location.

***The MCEO also provides access permits to persons owning property located on township roads***

Contact | Jerry Sanor | | 937-496-7685

2. Driveway and/or Ditch Enclosure Permit Application

 Once the location of the driveway has been approved by the MCEO, and an access permit has been issued, a Driveway Permit is required before construction of the driveway approach can begin. The Engineer’s Office has adopted rules and regulations for these activities to insure the safety of the public and the integrity of the road system. All such construction must comply with the Engineer’s Rules and Regulations for Driveways and Ditch Enclosures.

Additionally, should a property owner wish to enclose a ditch located within the road right of way, or to install a pipe under his/her driveway approach, approval by the MCEO is required.

***If the access permit has been granted for driveway access to a township road, please contact the township for further information and direction***

Contact | Montgomery County Engineer’s Operations Division | | 937-837-2528

***Please allow 15 business days for the processing of permit applications***

3. Permit Application to construct/install utilities and other structures within the Road Right of Way

Ohio law provides that the MCEO is responsible to control the placement of structures or public utilities within the right of way of county roads. The Engineer has established Rules and Regulations for Permission to Work within County Road Right-of–Way Limits to govern the placement and installation of said structures and utilities upon, along, or beneath county roads. The regulations are intended to promote the safe and uninterrupted use of said roads by the traveling public, to protect any and all drainage courses and waters in and around said roads, and to otherwise prevent obstructions or interference to the construction, improvement, maintenance or repair of said roads, bridges and culverts. A permit is required before any of the above-described work can begin.

Contact  |  Joe Dura  |  |  937-225-5507

***Please allow 15 business days for the processing of permit applications***

4.  Special Hauling Permit Application Information

 Special Hauling Permits give the County the opportunity to review overweight and oversized loads moving through Montgomery County. This ensures safe equipment and proper routing along the most appropriate roads in an effort to minimize potential damage to the roadway system.

Contact  |  David Shields |  |  937-496-6545