The Montgomery County Engineer’s Office is in the early stages of exploring a possible project to improve safety and reduce congestion at the intersection of Catalpa Drive & Siebenethaler Avenue in Harrison Township.  An intersection safety study was completed during the Summer of 2023 that evaluated several different project alternatives.  These alternatives included the following:

  1. Do Nothing – Existing all-way stop control intersection to remain with only minor sign upgrades
  2. Alternative 1A – Install fully operational traffic signal without left turn lanes
  3. Alternative 1B – Install fully operational traffic signal with left turn lanes on all approaches
  4. Alternative 1C – Install fully operational traffic signal with left turn lanes only on Siebenthaler Avenue
  5. Alternative 2 – Install single lane roundabout

Additionally, sidewalk construction on the south side of Siebenthaler Avenue from Catalpa Drive to Ida Avenue was recommended with each alternative.  A full copy of the safety study discussing these alternatives is available for review by clicking here.

The County Engineer’s Office is now considering grant funding opportunities for a potential project.  Prior to submitting any funding applications, we are interested in receiving public input to better understand the intersection area and potential project concerns.  Comments and questions about this intersection should be directed to Gary Shoup of the Montgomery County Engineer’s Office at or (937) 225-6351.  Comments are requested no later than November 17, 2023.  Thank you for your interest and input!

All comments received will be reviewed and considered.  Comments received will, when appropriate, be publicly posted to this web site along with the Engineer’s Office response.  Comments will be moderated to remove personal information prior to posting.