Project Summary

The Montgomery County Engineer plans to rehabilitate the deteriorated abutments and make other repairs to the existing Wagner Ford Road Bridge over CSX Railroad, initially constructed in 1966.

The existing railroad overpass was originally constructed using precast prestressed concrete beams, a new bridge technology in the 1960s.  Unfortunately, the original expansion joints at the beam ends were not water tight, and the joints allowed salt-laden water to run down the backwalls, beam seats, and abutment faces.  Years of exposure to de-icing salt chlorides began an irreversible process of corrosion in the reinforced concrete abutment walls, which today have experienced severe spalling, delamination, and corrosion.

The bridge rehabilitation project will remove and patch the deteriorated abutment concrete and add sacrificial galvanic anodes to protect against future corrosion.  New expansion joints will be installed, and the deck will be sealed with soluble reactive silicate (SRS) sealer.  Pedestrian fences will be added on the parapets and the approach guardrail in Harrison Township will be replaced.  Traffic will be maintained during construction on alternate halves of the four-lane bridge, with one lane remaining open in each direction.

Construction is expected to last approximately six months, from spring through fall of 2024.

If you have questions about the project, please contact Rick Splawinski at the Montgomery County Engineer’s Office at (937) 496-6510 or